About Us

Vox Energy Ltd is an independent energy consultancy advising clients throughout the UK on how to address their energy requirements.

We specialise in electric vehicle charging points, renewable energy, utilities management and energy efficiency measures. We are regularly reviewing new technologies and developments to add to our portfolio. Our objective is to provide impartial advice to cater for all your energy solutions.

We have established connections with suppliers, manufacturers and installers which enable us to provide you with the most competitive solutions for your business and property.


Why Should I Use Vox Energy?

There are so many manufacturers and suppliers out there that it is hard to know which product and service will be best for your business. Well that’s our job. Through years of experience in the energy industry, we have found the most reliable products, installers and the most competitive deals available. Customer service is a priority for all at Vox, ensuring your satisfaction throughout the whole process.

With a long history in the industry, Vox’s advisors have an impressive record when it comes to advising clients. Our experience includes over 100 successful planning applications for turbines ranging from 5kW through to 500kW and over 80 installations throughout the UK. We have advised a variety of clients on carbon reduction and utility saving measures. Sourcing rebates from current suppliers in many instances.

Vox is not obliged to promote a specific manufacturer or service. We provide impartial advice on the most efficient measures suited to your business. If you find a product that you want to look into further, please speak to us and we will use our experience and contacts to help as much as we can.

To discuss further and see how we can help your business please contact us.

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