Renewable Energy


Despite the recent well publicised reduction in solar subsidies, the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT), solar still has a valuable place in the energy mix.

Improvements in battery storage have made solar a more viable option for many property owners as the energy generated can be stored and used when you need it. You are no longer required to either a) use all the energy whilst the panels are generating or b) feed all the excess energy in to the grid. The energy is saved for when you need to draw electricity from the grid.

Benefits of solar include generating your own on site electricity, reduction in your electricity bills as well as generating an additional income from the FiT. For businesses benefits of a renewable energy also include improving your sustainability credentials.

In the majority of cases solar panels do not require planning permission. We will be able to advise whether your site will qualify for permitted development. We will also contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to confirm that capacity is available. This means that once we confirm your site is viable, we can arrange the installation immediately to have a quick turnaround so you can start generating your own energy as soon as possible.

A suitable site needs to ideally have a South facing roof. Depending on your location, slight variations on this may still be suitable. Vox Energy will conduct a free desktop assessment on your behalf. If you send a land ownership map with your enquiry we will be able to analyse your site in more detail.

The performance of solar panels depends heavily on the quality of the system chosen. We will only recommend tier 1 solar panels. This means they will be on one of the major banks approved list of fundable panels due to the quality, the security of the manufacturer and the performance. All panels come with a 10 year product warranty, and a 25 year performance warranty. This ensures you will be guaranteed a high output and the security of knowing they are from a reputable manufacturer, reducing the risk from your investment. 


As with solar, wind still remains a viable investment for high energy users despite the reduction in the FiT.

A safe and efficient wind turbine must be located in an open landscape to avoid turbulence. As an example, for a 250kW wind turbine, a minimum separation distance to neighbouring properties of approximately 450m is required to avoid the impact of noise and shadow flicker.  

Landscape designation is a key consideration on the model of turbine that we will we recommend for your site. Sensitive areas such as National Parks face stricter scrutiny during the planning process.

We consider all ecological constraints and always site the turbine in the location that has greatest chance of obtaining planning approval whilst ensuring a minimal impact on the environment.

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