Electric Vehicles (EV) & Charging Points (EVCP)

There has been a flurry in sales of electric vehicles (EV’s) within the last 12 months. The Government have announced a target to ensuring almost every car and van within the UK is a zero emission vehicle by 2050. As a result, interest in EV’s has never been higher.

All purchases of an EV will require an at home charging point, but without the wider infrastructure to charge your vehicle, many people are not yet ready to make the transition.

We are working to encourage more businesses, recreational centres and towns to increase the number of charging points available.

We can assess your site to ensure suitability for an electric vehicle charging point (EVCP) and then manage the installation through to completion. We will even investigate whether any funding options are available for your location.

Benefit of EV’s for both the individual and the business include;

·         Reduced emissions

·         Cheaper to run than using fossil fuels

·         Cheaper car tax

·         Better for the environment

·         Priority parking to charge your vehicle

·         Free parking available in certain areas

·         High occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, resulting in shorter journey times

·         Improve corporate branding


It is worth noting that pedestal mounted EVCP’s are mobile so should you relocate, it can go with you. There is no long term commitment. EV’s also have great appeal for business wanting to improve their corporate social responsibility and for those trying to reduce their carbon emissions.

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